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El Reno’s Davin Shamblin Athlete Spotlight Presented by BancFirst Yukon

Junior standout Davin Shamblin, representing El Reno High School with his unwavering dedication to baseball, is a force to be reckoned with on the diamond. Davin’s journey is marked by his commitment to the sport, his family and his faith.

Davin’s passion for baseball is evident as he shares, “The thing that keeps me motivated is seeing improvement and that really helps me keep going. I also have a good support system that’s behind my back that also helps!” 

When asked about his influences, Davin’s admiration for his parents shines through. “Some of my biggest role models would have to be my parents. They work so hard in everything they do! They taught me how to work hard in everything I do and serve God while I’m doing it,” he said, highlighting the invaluable lessons he has learned from his family.

In addition to his family, Davin also recognizes the impact of Mr. Burdine, a teacher who has simplified learning for him. “He teaches everything in a much simpler way, and it helps a lot,” Davin reflected.

Davin’s success on the diamond has been built on consistency and focus. “It has taken a lot of consistency and focus to be successful in my sport. It’s taught me to keep my head down and keep moving forward.”

While Davin treasures his time with his travel ball team, Risin Baseball, he also reveals a burning desire to take on formidable opponents. “The team I’d enjoy beating the most would be Carl Albert. I think it’d be a pretty good feeling to beat the state champs.”

Amid his athletic pursuits, Davin finds solace in his involvement with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at school, cherishing the monthly gatherings and the spiritual nourishment it provides.

As he continues to represent his school and community on the field, Davin is quick to credit his family and faith for his journey. “I couldn’t have got here without my family and God,” Davin emphasized.

Davin Shamblin’s journey is a testament to his faith and unyielding commitment to excellence, making him a standout figure in El Reno High School’s baseball program and a source of inspiration for his peers.

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