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El Reno’s Tristan Chandler Athlete Spotlight Presented by BancFirst Yukon

Tristan Chandler, a sophomore at El Reno High School, is a triple-threat on the soccer field, playing for his high school team, the OKC Crew and participating in futsal with Sports House Development. “I’m always pushing myself to see how good I can become,” he shared, revealing his intrinsic motivation to excel in the sport he loves.

When asked about his influences, Tristan mentions Coach Garrett Dresel. “I’ve been working with him since I was around ten years old. He has always pushed me to be better. I can rely on him to give me advice and help me make decisions.”

Despite his dedication to soccer, Tristan also recognizes the support he has received from his parents. “I’m grateful for my parents and the support I receive from them,” he added, acknowledging the crucial role they play in his journey.

However, Tristan’s success has not come without its challenges. Last year, he faced a setback when he fractured his collarbone during a high school game, ruling him out for the rest of the season. “That summer I fractured my collarbone again. I wasn’t able to play competitively for weeks,” he said. Undeterred, Tristan used this time to strengthen himself and hone his ball skills. His resilience paid off when, in his first game back with his competitive club team, he scored and provided an assist, marking a triumphant return to the field.

In the midst of his dedication to the sport, Tristan also sheds light on his teammate, Edgar Perez, who he feels deserves more recognition. “He works hard every practice, and people don’t give him the respect he deserves.”

When representing his school and community, Tristan feels an immense sense of pride. “I’m proud to represent my school and community, so I try to give my best effort on the field every game,” he stated, underlining the honor he feels in carrying the banner for El Reno High School.

Tristan’s journey is marked by resilience, dedication and a deep sense of community. As he continues to pursue excellence on the soccer field, it’s clear that his passion and commitment will continue to drive him forward, leaving a mark on the El Reno High School soccer program.

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