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Q & A with El Reno’s Ximena Salazar Presented by Jim Eischen Shelter Insurance

Ximena Salazar 

El Reno High School 

VYPE Magazine editor Brad Heath caught up with El Reno High School’s Ximena Salazar before the new soccer season started to find out more about her and the Lady Indians soccer team. 

VYPE: Ximena, what grade are you in this year and what position are you playing for El Reno? 

Salazar: I am a senior and I’ve been playing center mid since I started playing for the high school. 

VYPE: Have you set some goals for yourself and the team this season? 

Salazar: I have so many goals, but to narrow it down, one big goal is to go to playoffs. If all goes according to plan, make it to state and even make it to All-State. 


VYPE: Tell me about your teammates. What makes this group special? 

Salazar: My teammates are the goofiest and most cheerful people I know. They bring so much energy to practice, which we use to motivate and push each other to bring out the best we got. It’s never a dull moment with them. We’re building chemistry every day and improving our game. 

VYPE: Is there anything about your game that you’ve improved coming into the new season?

Salazar: I feel that my game improves based on the foundation that is my confidence. I tend to build it with the support of my friends, family, teammates, and coaches. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. 

VYPE: Do you belong to any clubs or groups at school? 

Salazar: I’ve been in leadership since my sophomore year.

VYPE: Everyone has a favorite subject. What’s yours? 

Salazar: My favorite subject is Algebra 3 College Prep because it challenges my ability to solve problems. I would say my favorite teacher would be Mrs. Connor because since the first day I met her, she is open minded and encourages us to do the same. 

VYPE: What makes being a student-athlete at El Reno special for you? 

Salazar: I’ve played in my hometown for as long as I can remember. Because of that, I have already had a big support system built when I started playing for my high school. They make my experience in high school much better. 

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate? 

Salazar: After graduation, I plan to still play at a great college and major in criminology as it has been for many years. 

VYPE: What does Ximena like to do with her free time? 

Salazar: On my free time, I tend to spend majority of it admiring cars and listening to music. Because of this, you will probably catch me going on car rides with my family and friends. 

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