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Q & A with Yukon’s Kalli Harbeson Presented by Roger Karns Shelter Insurance

Kalli Harbeson 

Yukon High School 

Yukon High School’s Kalli Harbeson is a varsity basketball player and the latest player to take the 9 Question challenge. 

VYPE: Kalli, what grade are you in this season and how long have you played basketball? 

Harbeson: I’m a junior and I have been playing basketball for around eight years. 

VYPE: What aspect of your game have you worked on and improved for this season? 

Harbeson: My defense is definitely the most improved in my game, defense is my strong suit. 

VYPE: How has the season started for the Lady Millers? 

Harbeson: My team has done well this year and we are currently third in our district. 

VYPE: What makes this team special to you? 

Harbeson: I love how they always find a way to joke around and have a fun time.

VYPE: What personal goal have you set for yourself this year? 

Harbeson: My goal for this season is to gain more confidence because that’s something I lack and its key to become successful in basketball. 

VYPE: What makes being a student-athlete at Yukon High School special? 

Harbeson: I love how supportive our school is with our sports.

VYPE: Do you belong to any clubs or groups at school? 

Harbeson: Yes, I am in National Honors Society. 

VYPE:  Do you have a favorite subject in school? 

Harbeson: My favorite subject in school is math.

VYPE: What would you like to do after you graduate? 

Harbeson: After I graduate, I plan on going to college as well as enrolling in esthetician school and getting my eyelash certification. 

VYPE: How do you like to spend your free time? 

Harbeson: When I get free time, I love to take naps, read, or catch up on whatever tv show I’m watching. 

Photo by Lindsay Tesio Photography 

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