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Yukon’s Ashley Cox – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Roger Karns – Shelter Insurance

Ashley Cox

Yukon High School

While basketball season has come to an end, Ashley Cox season continues as she looks to step on the court for her AAU team this spring.

Cox, a junior at Yukon High School, loves playing for the Millers and representing her school in competition. The teammates and the community make it a great place to play.

“I love the community and the support that comes with it,” said Cox.

At the age of seven, Cox started her basketball journey. The goal is to win games, be a good teammate and earn a spot at the next level.

“I would like to play college basketball and pursue a degree in medicine after high school,” said Cox.

As for the Yukon team, Cox said she loves being around her teammates and attending class at YHS.

“I love everyone’s sense of humor. I go to the club soul sisters which is a weekly bible study. I love my medical professions class, but my favorite teacher is my forensics science teacher Ms. Manke,” said Cox.

Cox said she’s made a lot of great memories playing for Yukon, including one that involved a long road trip to Northwest Oklahoma.

“One of my favorite memories is making the All-Tournament team in the Woodward tournament,” said Cox.

In her free time, Cox said she enjoys hanging out with friends and listening to music.

Photo by Salazar Photos

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