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9 Questions with Yukon’s Alex Wilson – Presented by Roger Karns – Shelter Insurance

Alex Wilson

Yukon High School

VYPE: Alex, thanks for taking some time to answer our questions. What grade are you in this year and how long have you been playing golf?

Wilson: I am a senior and have been playing golf for about nine months.

VYPE: Nine months. You made a jump many athletes don’t try, but you finished wrestling season and decided to give golf a try. What’s that transition been like for you?

Wilson: It’s a lot different from wrestling because I’m always go-go-go, and this is more of a laid back slow down competition.

VYPE: What do you like most about your teammates on the golf team?
Wilson: What I like most about my teammates is how we compete everyday trying to beat one another but at the same time build each other up.

VYPE: What makes being a student-athlete at Yukon special for you?

Wilson: The thing I love most about being a student-athlete at Yukon is the relationships that are built with the team.

VYPE: How do you see the team this season and how have early rounds ended for the team?

Wilson: The team is looking good this season a lot of younger guys. It’s important we see our future and potential cause so many of these guys are so young and they are just now begging to scratch the surface on what they can do.

VYPE: What have you worked on the most for this season?

Wilson: Lately the best part of my game has been my putting. I’ve really dialed in a tempo, and I practice 3-foot putts everyday so that I know I won’t miss them on the course. 

VYPE: Do you have a favorite subject or teacher in school?

Wilson: My favorite subject in school is math and my favorite teach would have my wrestling coach Joe Schneider.

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate?

Wilson: Next year I’m going to wrestle at and attend Oklahoma City University.

VYPE: What do you enjoy doing in your free time and do you have a favorite course to play?

Wilson: I enjoy working out and golfing with my free time. I’m in the garage hitting balls getting better. My favorite course I’ve played was the Kierland Golf Club in Scottsdale but around OKC I like Hefner North.

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