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Yukon’s Bryce Bramlett – Golf Spotlight -Presented by BancFirst Yukon

Throughout an athlete’s career, there are times when things can get tough and they struggle. At that point, they have to decide if they are going to give up or are they going to fight through and overcome the struggles. Bryce Bramlett faced an issue like this and he stayed focused and was able to get through it.

“Starting this season I played poorly for myself and I wasn’t where I wanted to be,” he said. “Honestly I was starting to not believe in myself. Then after a lot of practice I began to get better, and in the fourth tournament of the year I got tied fifth with my lowest competitive round ever and that proved to myself that I can compete.”

Bramlett is a freshman at Yukon High School where he is a member of the golf team. While his work and determination helped him to get out of the place he was athletically, Bryce says that he has a great group of people that have helped him to become the person and athlete he is.

“My family pushes me very hard to be the best me on and off the course, and I would say they are my biggest influences in the things I do,” he said.

While he enjoys playing the game of golf, Bramlett says that he also enjoys other things that he is able to do while playing.

“I enjoy being able to spread the word of God through golf,” he said. “I usually spend most of my free time on the course or doing homework, but on Thursdays I go to Campus Life, where we eat lunch and learn about Jesus.”

The teammates that he competes alongside have also had an impact on his game and Bryce says he enjoys being on the course with them.

“I think the teammate that I enjoy competing the most with is my fellow freshman Trey Thomas,” he said. “We are really good friends and we always get competitive. Dylan Snow is someone that I like to work with in practice. He is funny and an upperclassman that I can learn from about life.”

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